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Unsaved Jesus

To many in Christianity and the Church Jesus would not be saved.

Unsaved Jesus

The One we call our Savior wasn’t accepted by the religious people of his day

He wasn’t good enough, spiritual enough; basically Jesus to them was unsaved

His friends were tax collectors, prostitutes and fishermen

He worked on the Sabbath, he dined with sinners, He broke their traditions time and time again

He showed compassion to the sinners, whom He loved and did not condemn

But to those standing there, If you are without sin, you throw the first stone, is how he challenged them

By their standards Jesus was unsaved, he didn’t look like them, didn’t dress like them, He didn’t abide by their rules

He said he was here for the sinners, for those who are sick, and for that, they thought he was a fool

The churches now are like the religious people of Jesus day, they create their own rules

They preach them, they love them, they condemn you if you don’t abide by them, they hold on to them like precious jewels

If Jesus was to come to earth today and do what He did in the past, the church would not give Him praise

They would look down on him, they would criticize Him, they would say He isn’t saved

Because He would hangout with sinners and those shunned by the church

He would accept the unacceptable and love them, unlike those up on their religious perch

They wouldn’t approve the places he would hang out, and the things He would do through the day

To the church we have now, Jesus would be unsaved.

I’m not saying that all churches and all Christians are this way,

But I want to challenge every Christian to be like the Jesus who wasn’t saved

Pour out His love to all, no matter who they are, or where they’ve been

Because the Unsaved Jesus would love them regardless of their sin.

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