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Racism or Choiceism

I am a minority and as a minority in this country, I know of and have experienced issues with racism.  Racism exist and will always exist, not only in our Republic, but it will and does exist worldwide.

As I sit and ponder the issue of the minority communities in America I have to ask the question.  What is the major issue facing minority communities?  Is racism the most prominent factor as to why so many people in minority communities struggle or is it other factors?

In our Republic all citizens are protected with certain unalienable rights and these rights have been placed into our constitution.  With this in mind, the system which is in place has given everyone an opportunity to succeed.  I realize that success may be more difficult for certain groups of people, yet the Constitution allows for the success of all.  This is evident in the fact that we now have a President who is black. We have minorities that sit in places of power and who are very successful in business, entertainment, athletics, government and other areas of our country.

Knowing that there is a plethora of minorities who are successful, makes me ask the question:  why do we have so many minorities that are successful and so many that are not?  If racism is so prominent in our nation and our government is so oppressive wouldn’t it be oppressive to all people of color?  How can we have a black man as President, the most powerful man in the world, if this country is so racist and oppressive?

So is racism the most prominent factor in the plight of minorities or is it their choices (choiceism)?

Choices we make affect our lives.  They affect us in the present but they also affect us in the future.  Now grant it, I realize that some choices for some people are easier to make and I realize that the environment someone grows up in can and does have an impact on the choices that are made.  However, at the end of the day the choice (s) belong to the individual.  The individual chooses how they will act, how serious they will take their education, how hard they will work.  It is the individual who chooses whether or not they will obey the laws.  The individual chooses whether or not he or she will put emphasis on their faith, their family and their job.  It is the individual who chooses.

The problems that perplex the minority communities can be solved by the choices we as minorities make.  Racism, although it exists and does happen, it is often times used as an excuse.  You see, it is easier to blame a racist country then to take personal responsibility for where you are at in life.  Choice is about personal responsibility, it is about taking your life and making it what you want it to be.  The choices you make in life can often times overcome any racism that is out there because the vast majority of this country are good people, going to work, taking care of their families and just living life.

My life experience has shown me that a kid who lost his father at the age of three, with six siblings, was raised by a single mother for many years, who grew up without many of the luxuries of life can make it in this country.  Even though racism exist my life experience has shown me that it can be overcome with the choices an individual makes.  Although I may not be the most successful person in the world, I’m not the most intelligent, I’m not the richest (by worldly standards) I believe that I have been successful.  I work, have my own home, raised my kids and I am doing well.  This success came not by what others did and said, but it came because of the choices I made, the hard work that I put in.

So to my brothers and sisters in the minority community, I implore you to teach our children to make better choices.  Teach our children to value faith, family, education, hard work, the rule of law and respect for each other and our fellowman.  If we, as minorities put more emphasis on choiceism we will have a bigger impact on the lives of our own communities.

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