The Clipboard (Are you known in Hell)

The Clipboard

ASSIGNMENT:  Read Acts 19 

BRIEFING:  As we do our tour of duty there are often times people that we know quite well.  Those are the people that often times we deal with on a regular basis, the “frequent flyers”.  We have dealt  with them a plethora of times and often times on different types of calls.  Well, believe it or not those in society also remember and know certain officers that they have dealt with.  Some maybe in a positive note and others in a not so positive note.  However, people are known by us and we are known by people. 

THE STREET:  In the book of Acts chapter 19 the Apostle Paul was performing many miracles in the city of Ephesus as he proclaimed the gospel of Christ there.  One of the things that Paul was doing was casting out evil spirits.  A group of Jews who were the sons of Sceva, a person who identified himself as a Jewish priest went around from town to town casting out evil spirits.  They tried to use the name of Jesus while doing this saying “in the name of Jesus who Paul preaches, come out!”  On this one occasion the evil spirit spoke back saying “ I know Jesus, and I know Paul, but who are you?”  The evil spirit then attacked the young men, battering them causing them to run away from the house.

The evil spirits were proclaiming that they knew Jesus, because of Jesus’s divinity, of course Jesus is the one who created everything and defeated hell, death and the grave.  They were acquainted with Paul as a servant of Jesus because of the impact that Paul was having for the kingdom of God.  Paul was causing havoc in this spiritual war, and many were coming to Christ and many evil spirits were being cast out.  Paul as a servant of Christ was a threat to the kingdom of hell, to the enemy, to the evil in this world.  So, these evil spirits were acquainted with him, they knew who he was.

Some officers are well known in their community, they have made a positive impact in the community.  They are well known by the criminal element of society because of the impact they have had on crime.

However, my question to all officers of faith is: are you known by the enemy (Satan)?  Do you have a spiritual impact on your community, or in the area that you work in, that the enemy knows you. Would the enemy say “Jesus I know and (Insert your name) I know, but who are you”. Or would you be the “who are you” of this verse? 

OFFICER SAFETY:  We need to ask ourselves do I have a spiritual impact on my community, on my place of employment?  What would the devil say about your life?  Do they know you like they know Jesus and knew the Apostle Paul.  Does the evidence of your life lead the way to Christ thus making the enemy notice you.

INVESTIGATIVE RESOURCES:  Romans 12:22, Galatians 1:10, Matthew 22:37, 2 Corinthians 5:17, Matthew 6:33, Matthew 6:24, Mathew 7:21-23



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