My Struggles, I give them to You

I strive to follow you every day of my life,

But there’s war waging in me, so much conflict and strife

The old man, the new man, they are always at odd

It feels like my life is just a façade

An outward appearance of good I portray,

But the sin in my life brings shame to your name

Help me, please help me, I can’t do this alone,

But sometimes I feel like I’m all on my own

As a deer pants for the water, my soul longs after you

To live holy and righteous is what I desire to do

To bring glory and honor to the One who gave me new life

To live for my Savior with all of my might.

But those struggles are still there, between the old and the new

I can’t overcome them on my own, so I give them to You.

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